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Strategy before organization - organization before technology

The amount of laws and regulations together with the complicatedness of implementing provisions accompanying them are putting managements under intense load. Requirements on corporate security are becoming more and more complex. Several divisions such as e.g. site protection, protection of premises, IT-security or law are melting with each other. Security, here, more and more turns out to not being a technical, but moreover an organizational and psychological challenge. Whenever we make a decision, we have to move within a complex net of interests of stakeholders such as customers, suppliers, sub-processors, shareholders, employees and even governments – on a global scale.

Lots of regulations are containing provisions on liability concerning the good order of business processes. Every entrepreneur is responsible for the whole staff and for the processes within his company as a result of his duty of care. Without according precautions taken emerges the risk of processes going their own way and liability issues and a lasting impairment to the company´s image are likely to occur in cases of damage. However, it is not only legal requirements to be complied with, but also do require transparency and controllability of the corporate organization, the economics and as a common consequence of all the items being mentioned the company´s ability to persist and to survive to be considered.

Where the organizational structure of mid-size -and in some cases even of major- enterprises is not sufficiently equipped to keeping up with today´s multiple security risks, commercial success on the long term will without a due company-security remain out of reach. This exactly defines, where atarax may decisively contribute to your success. As our self-set goal, we provide all our clients a neutral and objective consulting on any aspect of corporate security and to provide the support you require for a good feeling of serenity.

The atarax Group is defined as a flexible team focusing strategic corporate security. We are specializing in the protection of information (protection of your know-how), data protection management, liability management (compliance), emergency-/ crisis management (emergency prevention planning), IT-security management, security of premises management, corporate civil protection and fire protection management. As a consequence of being convinced that security is not just a technical issue and that a system´s quality does depend much more on a methodic and systematic conception, the further fields of business activity we have developed profound competences in is organizational consulting and project management as well as staff sensitization and HR-consulting which are each representing an equally valued pillar of our business.

atarax is an active member to the Berufsverband der Deutschen Datenschutzbeauftragten e.V. (Professional Association of the German DPOs), of the Gesellschaft für Datenschutz und Datensicherheit e.V. (Society for Data Protection and Data Security) and the Interessengemeinschaft für Katastrophenschutz, Selbstschutz und Notfallvorsorgeplanung e.V. (Community of Interests in Disaster Protection, Self-Protection and Emergency Prevention Planning).

The atarax Group as a consulting firm follows a self-understanding which does explicitly not focus a single product or selling products. Our philosophy is striving to identify the concept suiting each single clients´ individual needs best and to provide our best knowledge for their implementation and training measures. Concerning ourselves, we follow an approach which bases on knowledge permanently kept current as that enables us to offer our clients the service they expect.

Our benchmark is our client´s long-term satisfaction in a relation of partners.

Thoughtfully designed concepts and a professional project management are more important than technical products, when it comes to security. That also is our company motto, which reads

“Get in touch with us – we are looking forward to an interesting exchange”

Norbert Rauch

Owner of the atarax Group
Chairman to the Interessengemeinschaft für Katastrophenschutz, Selbstschutz und Notfallvorsorgeplanung e.V. (Community of interests in Disaster Protection, Self-Protection and Emergency Prevention Planning ( – German language only),
Member to the Erfa-advisory board at the Gesellschaft für Datenschutz und Datensicherheit e.V. (Society for Data Protection and Data Security),
Head of the Würzburg-Coburg-Bayreuth working groups

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