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Emergency- and Crisis-Management – by atarax

Your company is located far away from the next breakdown operation, a plane crash over inhabited areas hasn´t happened for decades in Germany and also a meteorite impact should not threaten us in the foreseeable future.

And yet, cases of emergency besides these rather utopic scenarios are happening to companies our closest neighborhood every day and bring existential harm with them – often without ever being taken note of by external persons. Cyber-attacks, according to survey by the industry association Bitkom, have already affected more than seventy percent of all companies and are reported to having caused damage summing up to more than 100 billion Euros a year.

You were not affected yet? What was your contribution to this result? Were you just lucky?

atarax – Crisis Managers

we do not leave it up to chance. For thirty years we have been consulting companies of all sizes and a wide range of branches. We are familiar with company´s neuralgic points, we know the tricks and we are thinking ahead:

Being entrepreneurs ourselves, we know about prevention being a matter of resources. Emergency- and crisis-management by atarax unites experience, professionalism and an economical approach:

“Being a member to the board, my decision to have an emergency-training in our company wasn´t a step easily taken. Our management-team composes of about 15 people – people I can´t simply take out of daily business. For a game – basically. Recently I was informed about atarax. A friend of mine, who is a CEO in a production-plant, is cooperating with these guys on data protection. Production – a source always ready to cause incidents. He had such training organized. They designed an emergency ad set things on fire: A thermostat had been hacked. In the beginning, a simple error-notice was issued, then something exploded and finally hell broke loose. When it starts you think it´s just a test, a game, but with twenty minutes having passed, you are completely part of it. His team started well relaxed and encountered themselves quite worn out after a couple of hours. To not let things get out of control and for anyone´s profit from it, these atarax-guys from time to time did recap-breaks and addressed some issues they noticed from the action. My friend said, that helped anyone finding his role and in the end they were acting like an orchestra; They know how to handle it – even if they don´t even have a clue what incident might once cross their way.

I always thought, we were keeping an eye on everything, but they are simply thinking things ahead. We just booked our own training – let's see whether we'll be getting our online-blackmailer handled.”

Crisis-Management – a Question of being prepared

Together with you, we are developing captivating scenarios which are designed to provide for a designated derivation of structures. Dealing with crises requires to familiarize with processes, to find a rhythm allowing all persons affected to act within and to train them to make a smart choice out of solutions present.

As our trainings consist of modules, they allow to implement the crucial parts to an emergency- and crisis-management suiting the company best, regardless of structures and experiences yet existing: beginning with a risk assessment via the implementation of an alarming system, crisis cell and –communication up to applying all these items mentioned to a fictional crisis.

Trust in crisis-prevention, in the end, emerges from the experience of being prepared.

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