Security management

security management – security analyses – security conception

Security-management means the planning, steering and control of security in companies and public administrations (e.g. IT-security, labor-security, operational safety, security of corporate real estate). Analyzing risks and protection targets, -measures and strategies as well as their allocation to certain units in a security-concept are representing a choice of the strategic tasks of security-management. An aspect hereof is the allocation of responsibilities to certain units and to re-evaluate the security concept over and again. The operational tasks are covering items like the assessment of operational risks, and the planning of projects and measures required to implement the security concept. Trainings and exercises provide the staff an idea of a due behavior and provide for a broader acceptance of security-measures as such. The implementation of the security concept, the measures required, compliance with the security-guideline as well as the effectiveness of the security measures implemented require to be checked on a steady basis. As an overall result the occurrence or impact of risks identified shall be restricted to an accepted and commercially reasonable level by security measures.

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