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Compliance- and security requirements are permanently increasing, as do control obligations issued by CPAs, fiscal and further authorities. To protect the management from being affected by liability, companies therefore are facing an ever growing need for hands-on solutions which suite the requirements set by a variety of different disciplines, such as organization, technic, and law.

However, who is in charge where legal implications are entering the corporate organization? Does the IT-expert require to also be lawyer or does legal now face the challenge to also cover IT?

Our answer to these questions is our team composed of experts with backgrounds reaching from the engineer, informatics or economics expert to the lawyer. The key to success is the permanent cooperation of all these kinds of experts in our daily practice at atarax!

Our Services, however are solely covering items which are under the German Federal Act on Juridical Services (RDG). Where legal questions beyond that scope in single cases require an answer, we involve external lawyers.

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