IT emergency prevention and IT recovery planning – creation of IT security guidelines

The atarax Group offers more than 30 years of experience in conception and implementation of IT-security-concepts. Our services are covering very sensitive areas; there, we can rely on our experience from the military area. Our consulting is available both for your defense against and prevention of existing dangers and the reconnaissance of attacks which have already occurred.

Our Conviction:

  • IT-emergency-prevention is not the IT-department´s job (at least not from the beginning)
  • IT-emergency-prevention is is not a technical issue (at least not from the beginning)

The age of the internet lets IT-security more than ever appear as a strategic task to strengthen a company´s resilience and survivability, as information technology not just recently became a production factor. That is, why IT-security must be present on the management agenda – before it is handled by the IT for implementation.

IT-security, however, didn´t just start to become crucial since the internet has been used. It expressly is the medium-sized companies who have to understand IT-security as a matter of survival more and more. That is, because “cyber-crime” tremendously increases, where companies are more than ever depending from their data being secure, their IT-processes and digital communication. Attacks to a company´s IT-environment may result in in gigantic damage, loss and failures within shortest time.

Therefore, the IT-environment is a crucial part to a holistic security concept. Our IT-experts support you assessing your individual needs, identifying weaknesses and implementing tailor-made solutions.

As a secure system´s quality basically depends on a methodic and systematic concept, our approach to a security concept bases on a comprehensive view of all the business functions both in regular operation and case of emergency.

Especially the IT-environment requires a to-the-point emergency-planning – as well concerning the hardware equipment as the planning of extensive projects. Especially IT-weaknesses identified by a general emergency-concept may be limited by counter-measures. The measures´ long-term effectivity can be improved, documented and checked by IT-emergency- and data protection audits (e.g. improvement proposals, trainings, etc.).

Our Service

Concerning the intra-company security of electronic data, we offer system-checks. The extent of such check is always subject to the client and his demands in regard of the depth of the analysis.

  • Checks of the infrastructure (Access-points, portals, web-services, mail-server, active components, devices, etc.),
  • Checks of client-software and server-software,
  • Internal vulnerability-check and checks on points of intrusion within the network,
  • Identification of vulnerabilities and points of intrusion by pen-testing, IT-vulnerability-analysis,
  • IT-dependency-analysis,
  • IT-risk-assessments,
  • IT-security- and emergency-concepts following a holistic approach on emergency-planning.

Whatever we do, we attach great importance to not solely producing paper, but to be your professional implementation-partner.

Additionally, you may profit from our entitlement to certify your IT-systems by ISO 27001 or based on BSI basic protection.

We are pleased to offer the occasion of a personal meeting for a deeper impression of the crucial aspects of IT-security. Take your chance and get a first idea even within an hour.

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