A state of serene calmness

The atarax Group provides neutral and competent support on every aspect of corporate security – a contribution to your serenity. Our company name itself, atarax, symbolizes this major goal of all our consultancy.

The so called Ataraxia (which originates from the ancient Greek language and is of the meaning of immovability, serenity, steadfastness of mind) and was the goal of a philosophic lifestyle to the Epicureans (Epikur: 342 – 271 b.C.).

The term of “logic” was made use of by the Stoics to describe a science investigating the rules of thinking-activities. Logics, again, was assessed the first part to philosophy by Stoics, where the assessed Physics and Ethics as the former´s further parts. Goal of the Logics, again, is to keep de humans´ minds away from irritation and to find paths and criteria for the Truth.

Parts to Ataraxia, to a life without unrest, are the absence of unrest in soul and the absence of irritation in addition to the absence of bodily aches. Such, however, does also require the virtues to be considered. The wise man will, e.g., take orientation from the righteousness as he will not be sure whether society might impose sanctions on him. Which shall be assesses as “fair”, is the correlation of which the humans have agreed on to secure the positive. In addition, one shall apply “the wisdom, offering itself as our safest guide”. (Cicero 106 – 43 b.C.).

To clearing up wrong opinions uses to result in a removal of fears threatening Ataraxia.

Skepticism is the art to allocate items emerging in any possible way as well as just thought items against each other as opposites, as we achieve peace of mind as a consequence of the reluctance which themselves again results from the equilibrium off opposing things and arguments.

Dialectics by Hegel

(Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, German philosopher, Stuttgart-born in 1770, died in Berlin, 1831).

Thesis – Antithesis – Synthesis

Yet before, Fichte (1762 – 1814) knew about the trias of Dialectics. Hegel enriched this institute by adding a deeper understanding of Synthesis.

To cancel: This term is of triple meaning where used in the context of Hegel´s dialectics, as it also does where used as present in German language:

 1st  To cancel with the meaning of “Removing” or “equalizing”

 2nd To cancel with the meaning of “keeping something”

 3rd To cancel with the meaning of “lifting something up”, i.e. in the sense of taking something to a higher level.

An example: Where a human, an item or an event is assessed, we use to tend to consider the related opposing extreme views first, before finding a “golden middle” in the end, with the latter using to represent more than just a compromise of the initial extremes. Thesis and Antithesis are “equalized”. Synthesis appears as the result. The process itself is called Negation.

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