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It goes without saying that we treat all information as strictly confidential. This also applies in particular to your contact details if you send them to us for the purpose of contacting us.

As we have been working very successfully for decades in the business fields of liability and data protection management for numerous well-known market and technology leaders and have also included operational investigations in our portfolio for decades, confidentiality is not just a word at atarax, but a lived practice in everything we do.

Due to our work for various clients, it is very important that we can assign the respective entry to the correct company. For this reason, some fields are mandatory.

Of course, you also have the option of reporting your observations anonymously. Please bear in mind that in these cases we have no possibility of interacting with you in order to adequately assess the situation.

Therefore, please describe the facts of the case in as much detail as possible and, as far as possible, only state facts. If you wish to make an assumption, please label it explicitly as an assumption.

In general, you decide on the type, time and place of further contact with us.

You can also contact us by phone or e-mail and we are also available for confidential, face-to-face meetings.

Of course, you can also communicate with us in encrypted form for the transmission of sensitive data by e-mail. We can offer you various encryption methods for this purpose. Please contact us if you would like this.

We will only contact you at your explicit request. In this case, too, it is you who determines the type and time of contact.

Voluntary information on the reporting person
In order to contact you in case of any queries, please provide either your e-mail address or your telephone number.
In order to contact you in case of any queries, please provide either your e-mail address or your telephone number.
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Further information on how your personal data is processed may be obtained from our privacy statement.

Boxes marked with an * are indicating mandatory information.

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