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Our e-learning courses qualify your employees in important topics such as data protection, information security and compliance in only about 30 minutes.

As your experts for data protection and information security, with our e-learning courses we offer you the possibility to carry out the necessary training for your employees flexibly and in the shortest possible time with documented evidence and at a fixed cost and time. We recommend combining our classroom training with the e-learning courses in order to maintain the quality you are used to and at the same time reduce the effort required.

Our professional e-learning courses, created according to didactic standards, are not like the usual standardised e-learning programs on the market. They are an individualised product tailored to your company at an extremely attractive price/performance ratio without annual license costs.

Our e-learning courses are successfully being used by numerous international market and technology leaders, including one of the largest European IT service providers with around 100 locations worldwide.

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Aspects of data protection are relevant for most of the corporate branches, as the challenges of data protection have already penetrated most corporate departments.

That, at least in a lot of cases, does already make the assessment whether the underlying item is of data protection relevance at all, quite complicated. If an aspect then turns out to require a treatment under data protection aspects, things use to become even more complicated. Too complicated?

Get yourself the full image. Learn more on how to identify and how to master the obstacles of data protection and gain security. On all levels – in every relation.

We have concentrated our know-how with the atarax academy´s colorful portfolio – for you. Whether on-prem or remote to listen and learn or as interactive parts to complete your image of data protection. As an add-on to a basic on-premise training in your organization – available anytime, anywhere.

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Social Engineering

Having implemented as an entrepreneur all technically possible and required measures to protect both your company-data and the company-know-how represented by your employees, still lets remain a significant risk which may emerge from -even your loyal (!)- staff. Where a system is well protected, humans are representing the weakest link in the chain concerning data secrecy in your company.

A “social engineer” (information gatherer) will make targeted use of the potential “weakness” of your company´s security system for his criminal plans by launching his attack on the interpersonal level. This proceeding, if though appearing trivial for its- non technical character- provides for a clever circumvention of highly sophisticated security measures.

By skillfully pretending a false truth, the social engineer without being noticed, gets himself access to the information of his interest to an extent, a mere intrusion-attempt via a computer would never be able to.

As the social engineer is dealing with human weakness, he knows how to win someone´s trust. He especially is aware of the fact that every human´s assumption is to not being a suitable subject to manipulation or pretense. Scraps of conversation without relevance of their own, which is unintentionally disclosed as it is appearing of no relevance for the individual, combined with targeted requests are enabling the social engineer to draft a full and informative picture of the company which is to be spied on.

Measures of prevention against social engineering, to experts´ statements, are clearly focusing the organizational sphere. A full-scope directive, usually in the shape of security-guideline, should define the required measures, which usually requires a position to be established within the company to draft and ongoing control the guideline and compliance with and to provide for the sensitization of staff. To simply appoint any employee the security officer for the sake of complying with the management´s liability obligations, would neither adequately consider the relevance nor the importance of this item and therefore would appear a neglecting of both the protection of the company and the company targets.

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