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Data protection issues arise in most areas of the company because the challenges of data protection have long since permeated most areas of the company.

It is often difficult to assess whether there is a data protection problem at all, let alone how it could be solved. Isn't that very complex?

Get yourself the full image, learn how to recognize and overcome hurdles in data protection, gain security. At all levels – in all areas.

In the atarax academy we have concentrated our know-how in a wide range of content - for you. In presence or remotely to listen and learn and also as interactive elements for building up your data protection skills. As a supplement to the basic training on site in your company - anytime from anywhere.

Whom we´re training

  • Employees – knowledge bearers

Train your employees in the atarax academy. This way, starting with data protection without previous knowledge, is as easy as to convey profound basic knowledge for repeaters and to develop subject-related competence for specialists.

  •  Managers – role models

Data protection is a management task. Give your management team the good feeling of being able to master a responsible task with flying colors. Anyone who understands data protection, lives data protection calmly and gives others a good feeling - especially when things get tricky.

  • The management – decision makers

As an entrepreneur, you act out of your personality and are responsible for legally compliant data processing in the company. You manage your company competently and confidently. Our trainings show you how to intuitively make the right decisions in data protection.

The atarax academy gets you first-hand knowledge. In our data protection training courses, you will learn individually or in a team what you need to know about data protection. Generally or specifically tailored to your department. Whether IT, human resources, auditing, marketing or sales - we have the right content.

Why we are offering tailor-made content only

The success of our seminars and workshops is based on the fact that we tailor each individual event and all content to the needs of the participants and the special features of your company - in terms of content and personal. Strictly focused and together with you. Why can we? Because we understand privacy AND your business.

Knowledge transfer. From person to person - online and on site

The atarax academy is where you are. After all, even in the information age, nuances matter. Nuances that result from the complexity of the matter, its legal character and its location in the midst of a wide variety of interests, influences and interfaces. Nuances that we as humans can often only perceive in personal encounters. Therefore, even in modern times, with a clear conscience we are offering you to experience data protection training on site.

However, because sometimes economic constraints or simply the question of practicability also play a role, all seminars and workshops can also be held online or hybrid. This is how we reach more participants - across geographic borders or simply in their home offices. If so required, this is THE option, especially when solid measures have to be proven quickly in addition to the success of the training.

Our claim to ourselves

As we are at home in an environment of constant and rapid change ourseves, we experience knowledge transfer equally as speakers and in the audience. That is why we prepare all training courses, seminars and workshops with particular care. We value comprehensibility and practical relevance - even when we train online. We want to start a conversation with you, we consider a lively discourse to be enriching.

A brief word on liability

As experts in corporate security, we do not offer you our training content as an end in itself - it is more important to avoid data protection violations. To conserve your resources and maintain your good reputation.

This claim determines the structure of the atarax academy: In addition to the basic training in data protection through face-to-face training or e-learning, data protection training, workshops or seminars are useful for many departments and are a necessary prerequisite for effectively avoiding data breaches and data protection incidents. Our step plan:

• Step 1: Training on data protection basics (initial and consolidation of acquired knowledge)

• Step 2: Additional specialist training for data protection-critical company areas to create permanent data protection competence

Data protection alone is not enough?

Expand your expertise in the atarax academy...

---in information security
---in compliance (liability management)
---in emergency and crisis management

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