Protection against Economic Crime

incident handling – investigations – computer forensics – preservation of evidence

The atarax Group is your professional partner for any aspect of corporate security and corporate defense to whom you may trustfully turn to effectively defend against economic crime threatening your company. There, our focus of activity is prevention. A lot of criminal activity may be prevented by sharpening consciousness.

To provide for comprehensive prevention, we are sensitizing both the management and the employees. Such does also cover a training of the supervising staff, enabling them to identify hints for criminal activity among staff at an early stage. Our portfolio does also include security-checks on applicants, so called pre-employment-screenings which is accompanies by an HR-consulting designed to provide for a certain security concerning future employee´s integrity in advance. In addition, we are developing protection-concepts against internal economic crime as well for your domestic businesses as for your foreign branches.

In case of damage, our investigation experts provide assistance on a complete and discrete reconnaissance by computer-forensics, observation, embedded operations and staff-security-checks (background-checks). Interviews by use of criminalistics tactics are also available upon request. Moreover, we provide support on how to gain legally usable evidence and on how to act in consideration of possible future events.

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