Property-security Management

vulnerability analyses – object security analyses

The atarax Group, in regard of property-security management and by a detailed vulnerability-analysis, contributes to improvement of existing structural situations or within the planning stage (administrative, logistics, data-center, laboratories) concerning the vulnerability management. Based on the object´s blueprints and as-detailed-as-possible plans of the technical infrastructure, we familiarize with the structural-infrastructural aspects of the given task. Concerning newly to build premises, we are checking the user´s requirements or define such in cooperation with the user.

That especially affects the following aspects:

  • Fire protection (please see there),
  • Access to protected areas,
  • Security of technical infrastructure (air-conditioning, heating system, energy supply, low current, telephone and further means of communication),
  • Internal sites of influence on specially protected areas,
  • Material used to build and equip the premises,
  • Technic for surveillance- and notification,
  • Personal safety infrastructure (site protection and guarding concept)
  • Assessment of chances to execute acts of targeted defense in case of threat.

Basing on open and covert site inspections, we draft a premise-security analysis including dedicated recommendations on measures to be taken. The measures recommended are object-related in any single case ad do just require a reasonable invest. The cost-benefit ratio is always considered. A prioritization of areas and measures is part of the offer. That statement of ours enables you to file a founded decision on and budgeting of the implementation.

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